02/22/22, 11:25AM: Good morning!

Last night was my first full shift at work, and it went soooooo well!! It was really relaxed, and everyone was super nice and friendly! My last job was at an Amazon warehouse, and that was bad!! I thought the pay and benefits would be worth it, but they really, really weren't!! At least I got to experience working for a real-life supervillain...? ^^'

I live in the southeastern US (very much in the bible belt!) so there's a lot of transphobia down here, and I always get really worried about meeting new people, especially at work, because of that.. I'm super glad to see that I don't need to worry here! I'm just one of the girls! One of my coworkers asked me my pronouns, which was super sweet and thoughtful of her!! T^T The only sad part is that since I work with jewelry, I handle lots of super pretty rings all day, but none of them will fit my big hands... ,_,

oh well,

02/21/22, 1:33AM: My first diary entry!

Hii! This is the first real thing I'm putting on my website, and I'm super excited!! A few days ago, a really good friend of mine was talking about making a website of her own, and that sent me down this deep rabbit hole of thinking, and realizing how much I hate social media, and how homogenized the internet is nowadays, and I realized I really wanted a site of my own, too! ^^

It's pretty late (1:30AM ,_,) and I'm really tired, but I've gotta stay up a while longer to fix my sleep schedule for work, so I'm just socializing in ffxiv and working on this diary entry in the meantime! Hopefully I'll remember to update this page every now and then, I think it could be really fun to escape the hell that is twitter, and have someplace to ppost my full thoughts more freely! As for now, though, I can't really think of much else to say, so I guess that's it for today! '^'